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SAP Solution Manager
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SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager supports you throughout the entire life-cycle of your solutions, from the business blueprint process to the configuration to production processing.

With the adoption of the Netweaver application suite, the SAP Ecosystem has grown beyond the traditional software administrative paradigms used in the traditional SAP landscape. Business processes span multiple systems creating interdependence between the Netweaver applications. Solution Manager, when properly configured and utilized, serves as a central point from which to administer the SAP Ecosystem using integrated tools, content, and SAP best-practice methodologies to support your organization’s SAP Enterprise applications.

Benefits of implementing Solution Manager:


  1. Minimize resources by automating processes
  2. Minimize physical efforts by Centralized administration & monitoring
  3. Prior notification of Business critical issues
  4. Minimize downtime
  5. Simplify Upgrades
  6. Minimize manual reporting
SAP Solution Manager supports efficient collaboration both within your organization and with SAP. Solution Manager is built to handle and manage all system lifecycles, including implementation, operation, and optimization.


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