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IT Managed Services

Globalnest specializes in providing widespread, customized and deliberate IT Services. Whether for a new implementation, an upgrade or production support and maintenance, we are uniquely qualified to identify and deliver the right service to you.

Remote Management

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Globalnest Consulting offers remote network support services that are pre-scheduled and proactive in order to support a maintained, growth-friendly IT environment and secure your Information Technology networks.

Globalnest provides remote managed services to manage all of your network elements including Routers, Switches, VoIP as well as all the critical servers and processes. We leverage industry-leading hardware with a broad portfolio of technologies to meet your goals at a fraction of the cost by employing the principals of remote management, automation, centralization, and monitoring.

The key to our success is found in the 24 x 7 monitoring engine which quickly identifies and allows us to respond to outages and potential problems before they occur anywhere on the network. You'll gain peak performance and on-demand scalability without the costs typically associated with buying, staffing and maintaining these systems yourself.

Networking and Server Solutions

Firms depend on their internal systems to share data companywide and power their business-critical applications. Whether you want to implement, upgrade, or combine infrastructures, Globalnest network and server solutions deliver centralized control, efficiency, and reliability.

Our network designers can evaluate your current and proposed environment, and design a strategy based on functionality reliability and scalability. We then provide options for implementation.

Typical tasks for networking professionals include:

  • Configuration of servers, routers, switches, wireless devices, modems and firewalls
  • Messaging and collaboration solutions
  • E-mail configuration and support
  • Exchange migration or upgrades
  • Incorporating distributed data, troubleshooting technical problem
Help Desk and Support Services

Globalnest proactive approach to Managed Services constantly refines your core infrastructure to minimize the need for desktop support. At the sametime, we utilize enterprise-class computer support tools to support employee productivity efficiently and effectively.

When combined with help desk and desktop support services, Globalnest becomes your dedicated IT service provider. Our service includes preventive maintenance and emergency management. If an event occurs - our remote management team will fix the problem from our site.

IT Help Desk services provide computer support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution during normal office hours via telephone support, remote utilities or onsite support. Our help desk services address your employees needs directly and immediately.

Globalnest delivers a full range of IT help desk services which include:

  • Remote or Onsite diagnostic and solution identification
  • New computer set-up, configurations and upgrades
  • E-mail configuration and support
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Virus control and removal
Network and Desktop Security

Understanding where your business is in the security lifecycle allows Globalnest to prepare a solution to ensure your network is secure. Early intervention allows you to be proactive in addressing network computer systems security
Network Security Assessment

Globalnest offers the benefit of security audits/assessments to identify vulnerabilities in your IT network before they are compromised. With the ever-growing increase in IT security breaches, this is now more important than ever.

Our assessment can address these points of potential vulnerability:

  • Application vulnerability
  • Communication vulnerability
  • Hardware/OS vulnerability
  • Network Vulnerability
  • Trusted sources and internal users
  • Notification mechanisms such as paging, e-mail and phone calls
  • Escalation procedures based on the rules you establish during assessment
  • Resolution, reporting and logging of event
Database Management

Your organization depends on the safety and security of mission-critical data. Globalnest can help you transmit and store your network data securely while eliminating the need for manual tape backup solutions.

Demand for database managers continues to grow within IT departments as companies look to collect, store, analyze and leverage existing customer data housed within their internal systems.We utilize Backup Exec to backup files and folders, databases, and Exchange. This eliminates the need for you to remove and administer tapes.

Globalnest can help you transmit and store your network data securely while eliminating the need for manual tape backup solutions. Our data protection and disaster recovery scenarios are based on a tiered structure.


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