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Registration System is a simple and easy to use application to create your events in minutes. There is a flat fee of $0.75 per ticket whether your ticket cost is $50 or $5,000

BoothLeads is a Lead retrieval system and a mobile-based lead retrieval app that lets you generate and rate leads by scanning the QR codes on badges. It runs on iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices.


  • Scan QR codes and convert them to leads
  • Store leads from events in your mobile
  • Send leads instantly to web portal
  • Rate leads as Hot or Cold
  • Make notes about each lead you scan
  • Send an email to a lead with your business details
  • Forward lead details as an attachment to anyone in csv format
  • Set a reminder to follow-up with a lead
Who uses this app?

Attendees of events, Event Coordinators, Booth Admins, Booth Personnel

Enjoy BoothLeads!!


MatchLeads is a unique mobile and web based one-on-one match making and meeting scheduler for buyers and sellers. It runs on iOS, Android and Windows devices


  • Setup One on One meeting using your app
  • Same app for both buyers and sellers
  • View the details of SBEs/Corporations, Buyers/Sellers.
  • Filter and Match for effective meetings
  • Ability, to accept, reject, reschedule appointments
  • View picture of attendees
Who uses this app?

Small Businesses, Minority Businesses, Purchasing Agents, Buyers, Sellers, Event Attendees

Enjoy MatchLeads!!


ScanAttendee is an easy to use Check In app for your events. You can sell the tickets and items on site of the event.


  • CheckIn/Out @ Events, Theaters, Night Clubs
  • Sell Tickets and Items
  • Accept/Refund Payments
  • Import/Export Attendees
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Scan QR Code
  • Badge
Who uses this app?

ScanAttendees, Sell Tickets and Items at your events onsite and at the door Use iOS or Android mobile app to scan attendees or tickets at your events.