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Get more revenue from indirect sales

Your Salesforce CRM will not only give you the tools to enhance your success, it gives you the power to link your internal reps and with your channel partners and allow them to work as a single team. Using's easy-to-use web-based CRM, they can access integrated internal and external resources online. Once their sales improve, so will yours. Indirect sales are valuable sales. Click to register with for a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL!
Create a fully branded partner portal with ease, then direct your partners to a destination built specifically for them.'s social web features further strengthens partner relationships by keeping them loyal and engaged with improved partner communications. Salesforce CRM is the only low-cost small business software with the tools to manage your network in real time, sharing sales information and follow joint processes.

Salesforce CRM has no upfront capital investment and nothing to install or maintain. Isn't it time to stop looking toward tomorrow using yesterday's software?

Partner recruitment

With a compelling partner portal branded as an extension of your Web site, you'll easily recruit and accept partners that meet your channel objectives and get them trained and selling more quickly.

Partner sales

Channel managers can instantly share leads and deal information and equip partners with tools and resources to sell more effectively and avoid channel conflict.

Partner portal

A self-service community site gives your partners a forum to readily share ideas and best practices with each other, while providing actionable insight back to you and build greater loyalty.

Partner management

Easy-to-use tools give you full visibility into channel pipeline, performance, and forecasts, helping you manage partners to make them more productive and more vested in your success.

Partner marketing

Drive new business with multichannel marketing campaigns that leverage all your partners for greatest impact. Keep partners consistently "on message" with immediate access to marketing materials.

Partner service

With tight collaboration through Salesforce CRM, you can have your partners responsively handle service issues, or work closely with you to keep customers happy.

Partner analytics and forecasting

Salesforce CRM provides powerful tools for evaluating channel marketing ROI, partner portal adoption, partner engagement, and more. Monitor the deal cycle for red flags and areas for improvement.